Casino Hold'em

Online Casino Holdem Rules & Strategy

Casino Hold’em also known as Caribbean Hold’em Poker was created in the year 2000 by Stephen Au-Yeung and is now being played in casinos worldwide. Casino Hold’em players play the house and do not play other players at the table. The game runs very similar to Texas Hold'em, however there is an additional bonus wager for players.

Casino Hold’em Rules
The game is played with a standard deck of fifty two cards. All players at the table will put up an ante bet which has to meet the table’s minimums. The player and the dealer are both dealt two cards face down and three cards will be dealt to the board which will eventually have five cards.

After the player checks their cards the player will have to decide to fold or to call which would be to double the ante bet. The players will then try to make the best poker hand from their two personal cards to the five board cards. See poker hands below. The dealer must have a pair of fours or better to qualify.

There are three outcomes of the hand. If the dealer does qualify and the players hand is better, then the ante bet will pay 1 to 1. If the dealer qualifies and the hands are even then the ante bet is returned and the player does not win or lose. If the players hand does not beat the dealer’s hand the player loses the ante bet.

Casino Hold’em Pay Outs
In Casino Hold’em the player can win more then 1 to 1 on their bet based on a strong hand. The pay table is usually standard at most online casinos. A Royal Flush pays 100 to 1, Straight Flush pays 20 to 1, a Four of a Kind pays 10 to 1, a Full House pays 3 to 1 and a Flush pays 2 to 1.  The house edge for Casino Hold’em minus the side bet varies from casino to casino based on the rules. The most common pay outs result in a house edge from about 2% to 2.5%.

Casino Hold’em Side Betting
In most poker style casino games the player has the option of a side bet. Side bets are also know as Bonus bets or AA+ bets and in Casino Hold’em you can place side bets on the type of hand players might get. The side bet is placed before the hands are drawn and placed with the original ante bet.
The pay outs for side bets are as follows: Royal Flush pays 100 to 1, Straight Flush pays 50 to 1, Four of a kind pays 40 to 1, Full House pay 30 to 1, Flushes are 20 to 1, and a pair of aces to a straight pays 7 to 1.

Casino Hold’em Strategy
To be honest there is really no optimal strategy for Casino Hold’em since decisions for each hand are based on the mix of all five cards that have been dealt. The best strategy for players is to raise 82 percent of the time so that only in the worst case scenario a player would only have to fold 18 percent of the hands.

Casino Hold’em Hands
Below is a list of poker hands explained that you can get in Casino Hold’em.

Pair – Is the lowest poker hand you can be paid out for. Landing a pair of Jacks or better in the five cards on the table. If you are playing tens or better then the payout is given for having a pair of tens or higher. An example would be having two queens in your hand.

Two Pair - Payouts received for having two cards of the same rank and another two cards of the same rank in your hand of five cards. An example of this would be having two fours and two tens.

Three of a Kind – Payouts for having three of the same ranking card in your hand. For example a player having three Jacks in their hand would have three of a kind.

Straight - is a poker hand in which the five cards you have been dealt are in numerical order. An example of a straight would be having the following: 2,3,4,5 and 6.

Flush – is a poker hand that has the same suit in it. An example of this hand would be a player receiving five cards that are all hearts in their hand.

Full House - is a poker hand where the player is dealt a three of a kind and two pair in one hand. An example of this would be having 3 Kings and 2 Fours.

Straight Flush – is a poker hand that combines a straight and a flush. An example of a poker hand that is a straight flush would be: 2,3,4,5 and 6 all in the same suit such as hearts.

Royal Flush – is a straight flush involving 10, Jack, Queen, King and the Ace all in the same suit. This is the highest paying hand in Jacks or better.