Casino War

Learn To Play Casino War Online

The casino version of War is a fairly new game and despite its bad odds it attracts large crowds at casino tables. The concept of the game is the same as you remember as a kid, beat the dealer with a card that is higher than theirs.  Below we've provided an overview of the rules and odds for the game as well as a free game to try out.

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How to Play Casino War
Find a war table at the casino. There can be other player sitting at the table but you will not be playing against them only the dealer. Place your bet in the betting circle above and wait until all players have placed their bets. You can bet in a progressive circle to the right of you that gives 10 to 1 odds that your card will tie the dealer's.

Once all players have secured their bets the dealer will deal each player a card and deal themselves last. If your card beats the dealer you get even money for your bet. If you do not beat the dealerís card you lose. The cards are in order from 2 being the lowest card possible to Ace being the highest.

Letís Go To War
If your card ties the dealerís card then you have the option of taking back half your bet or going to war with the dealer. If you decide to go to war with the dealer, you have to place another bet equal to your first bet you already placed. If you bet on the progressive circle above you will get ten times your original bet for tying the dealer. The dealer will then proceed to deal three burn cards to you and flip over the fourth card. They will do the same and if your card beats the dealers then you win both bets at even money. If the fourth card does not beat the dealer then you lose both bets.

Player Strategy
Most players think that there is no strategy to Casino War. There are a few tips that players can use to give themselves a slight advantage to playing. A player should never surrender in a tie as there is a slight advantage against the house. Also keep your eyes peeled for other Aces on the table, the Ace is the highest card and can play to your advantage if you are paying attention to the cards on the table.

Casino War Odds
House advantage:

  • Player has a 43.6% chance of winning after the first card
  • Going to war on a tie, the house advantage is 2.88%
  • Surrendering on a tie is a 3.7% house advantage
  • Betting on a tie carries a 18.65% advantage and is not advised