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Find Out Which Casinos Accept Money Gram

MoneyGram provides online casino players, and the rest of the general public with a reliable person to person money transfer option, just like Western Union. Many casinos are able to utilize this service for not only player deposits but also as a quick, easy and convenient method to easily cashout from your casino accounts all within one day.

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In short, you request a MoneyGram cashout from the casino's cashier window, and pick up your money at a local MoneyGram payment center. These are often check cashing services, or your local Walmart.

You will need to know some things to get the money however, for instance:

  • The name of the business sending the money
  • The City that Business is located in
  • The amount of the money transfer

Be Sure to Bring ID To Pick Up your MoneyGram Money Transfer
You'll also need to bring your Identification with you to pick up your casino winnings. You probably don't want to mention that the money is from a casino payout. The address on your identification (a drivers license or state issued identification card will do) must match the address in your online casino account.

Other Benefits of Using Money Gram
The reason this is such a popular cashout method is the speed at which American casino players can receive their payments. Cash out in the morning and you might even be able to pick up your cash that day! More often than not however, the monies are available the next business day.

MoneyGram's been in the business of moving money around the world for about 50 years. The company first came to life in 1940. Since the introduction of e-Commerce to the world at large, the money mover has dipped it's fingers into the electronic transfer of funds. MoneyGram is a well established online casino account funding option, that also works for some online poker accounts (most especially if you are not in the U.S.A).

MoneyGram is an available option at some Online Casino's in the United States, however, it's a tricky payment option to find. That's a shame, because it's simply the best way to get money into your hands without waiting for bank wires and checks in the mail in the United States.

Bodog Casino does offer MoneyGram as a payment option. The casino also doubles as an online poker room, and a sportsbetting site, just in-case any of those options suit your fancy. If you're by chance unfamilair with online poker rooms by the way, it's just like playing a game of poker, or bunco, or any other social game you might play with friends, but playing it online, against other real people.