Red Dog Poker

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Red Dog poker is one of the harder games to find in a land based casinos these days but there are quite a few online casinos that carry the game also known as acey-deucey and in-between.  The main goal of Red Dog Poker is to predict whether the value of a card drawn by the dealer falls between the two cards previously drawn by the dealer. The cards are ranked in the following order: 2 through 10 are considered at face value, the jacks count as 11, the queens at 12, the king cards at 13 and the Aces are at 14. The game is played on a standard blackjack table and the dealer will use a standard deck of 52 cards that are shuffled after each round.

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Red Dog Hands
A Pair Hand is when the dealer will deal himself two cards of the same value. For example if the dealer deals a pair of twos then it is considered a push and you will get your wager back. One good thing about a Pair Hand is that the dealer is required to flip a third card and if the card value is the same as the two pair originally dealt then all wagers are paid 11:1. A Pair hand is a good thing to get as you will always get your money back with a chance to get paid on the third card.

Consecutive Hand is when the dealer deals a pair of consecutive cards. For example they deal a seven and an eight. The dealer will not draw a third card as in a Pair hand situation but rather all bets are pushed. A consecutive hand is just a push situation.

Non Consecutive Hands are any hands that do not fall into the above categories. The dealer will deal two cards and will announce the spread between the two cards. For example if the dealer lays down a 6 and a Jack he will place a red dog down stating that the difference between the cards is 4. That is the spread between the two cards 7,8,9 and 10. At this point the player is allowed to raise on the original wager which has to be an equal to the bet. If a player puts a five dollar wager and feels that the next card will fall within the spread then they are able to bet another five dollars. There is never a push situation in a Non Consecutive hand. The dealer either wins or player does.

Red Dog Betting
Players will place a wager on the table with the desired amount of chips. If you are playing online you can select your amount of chips by clicking the wager or chips section. Once you have placed your bet the dealer will place two cards face up on the table. The two cards will be one of the three hands discussed above. If it is a non consecutive hand you have the option of rasing the dealer. To do so you must place antoher bet similar to your original wager. The dealer will then turn over the third card and if it falls between the spread you will get even money for both your ante and your bet.

Red Dog Pay Outs
If the Non Consecutive Hand with:

  • A spread of 1 pays 5:1
  • A spread of 2 pays 4:1
  • A spread of 3 pays 2:1
  • 4+ spread pays 1:1
  • Three of a kind pays 11:1

Red Dog Strategy
A player should only raise on spreads of seven or more regardless of the number of decks used, since this presents the best opportunity for a winning hand in the game.